Melbourne's 86 tram route as a giant open air gallery of street art


Melbourne, Australia is internationally known for its street art and its trams. Melbourne Street Art 86 imagines Melbourne's 86 tram route as though it were a giant open air gallery of street art with its own regular tram service. The pages in the dark blue side bar below have photos of street art by the suburbs the tram passes through. Locations are noted by tram stop, street location and also on maps of the area that can be downloaded or printed. Other Melbourne suburbs rich in street art are also featured.

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Other locations - Fitzroy

Melbourne Street Art locations away from the 86 Tram Route:  Fitzroy

(Click on any image to see an enlarged version)

Many of the most spectacular and interesting street art locations in Melbourne and its suburbs are away from the 86 tram route, or further away than roughly five minutes walk from an 86 tram stop, thus not typically included in the core part of this site.

The Other locations pages are the setting for photographs and location information for street art from these areas. These pages do not currently have maps or guides like the main page of the site, but these may be added at a later date.

This page is only partially complete at present. Eventually the photographs, which commence at the southern end of Fitzroy Street (Location 2 on the FITZROY - Gertrude Street page), will continue north all the way to the top of Fitzroy street where it meets Alexandra Parade, cross over Brunswick street and then continue south down Young Street back to Gertrude Street. Effectively this will be a giant circle

Fitzroy Street and Brunswick Street west side

Artists: Rone & Wonder

James Street

Artist: Heesco

Artist: Heesco

Brunswick Place

Artists: Oust, Damage

Little Hanover Street

Hanover Street

North east side

Artist: Putos

South east side: Brunswick Place

King William Street

North west side

Artist: Al Stark

Moor Street

South east side

Artist (partially covered riding figures): drab

Artist: Makatron

Artist: Makatron

North east side

North east side: Fisher Lane

Artist: Makatron

Artist: Makatron

Fishers Lane - courtyard

Photographs move around courtyard clockwise

Fishers Lane continues at north exit

Continues with right turn

Continues with right turn (can also turn left and end up in Bell Street)

Artists: Blo, Jaws & Fang

Bell Street

Greeves Street

Artists: AWOL crew-Adnate

Artist: Slicer

Victoria Street

North west side

North east side

South east side

Artists: Twoone, Ears

Artists: Twoone, Ears

Lane between Victoria Street and Johnston Street

North side

Artists: Obe, Peril & Paris

South side

Johnston Street

Artists: AWOL crew

Artists: AWOL crew

South west side of Johnston Street

Other side of Johnston Street west side

Back of building above

Opposite above

Artist: Obe

Other side of Johnston Street on east side

Second building east side before Argyle Street

Argyle Street south west corner

Artists: Kid Paris, Peril

Kerr Street 

South east corner

North east side

Artist: Adnate and Lucy

Artist: Lucy

South east side, corner of Brunswick Street

Artist: Deb

Rose Street

South east side

Artists (next three photos): Blo, Adnate, Rashe, Slicer, Deams & Jaws

Car parking area behind building above

Artist: Unwell Bunny

Back out on south east side of Rose Street

Artist (female figure): Deb

North east side

South west side

This is the Rose Street Artists' Market

This is in Spring Street, off Rose Street

Artists: DVate (Left). [   ] Right. 

Back out on south west side of Rose Street

Artists: DVate and Gent

North of Rose Street

[Location information and further detail to come]

Artist: Yuma Yoshimura

Artist: Kaffeine

Young Street and Brunswick Street east side

[Location information and further detil to come]

Artist: Simz

Artist: Rone

Artist: Rone

Artist: Nate Gamble

Artist: Nate Gamble

Artist: Makatron

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  1. Corner of Alexandra Parade and Young street. A meat cleaver + bottle of wine = a leg with foot. Would love to know the meaning if indeed there is one