Melbourne's 86 tram route as a giant open air gallery of street art


Melbourne, Australia is internationally known for its street art and its trams. Melbourne Street Art 86 imagines Melbourne's 86 tram route as though it were a giant open air gallery of street art with its own regular tram service. The pages in the dark blue side bar below have photos of street art by the suburbs the tram passes through. Locations are noted by tram stop, street location and also on maps of the area that can be downloaded or printed. Other Melbourne suburbs rich in street art are also featured.

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86 STREET ART - Deleted scenes

Melbourne Street Art 86: Deleted scenes

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As stated on the beginning of each page, the eight pages of suburbs on the 86 tram route on this site do not include all the street art I found and photographed.

Works were excluded for various reason, including personal preference, not having taken reasonably good quality photographs to date, finding them too late to make adjustments to the suburb map easily or because the page they would have appeared on was simply becoming too large.

I have been publishing blog posts periodically that include examples of these 'deleted scenes'.

To avoid them getting lost in the sequence of blog posts with time, I will be repeating an edited version of each of these blog posts on this page, in suburb order.

So far there are deleted scenes from
  • MELBOURNE - Bourke Street
  • COLLINGWOOD - Smith Street
  • NORTHCOTE - High Street
  • THORNBURY - High Street
  • PRESTON - Plenty Road

CITY OF MELBOURNE - Bourke Street [deleted scenes]

Drewery Lane runs between Lonsdale Street and Little Lonsdale Street close to Swanston Street.

They are deleted scenes because they are too far from the 86 tram route to fit the site criteria. They are actually very close to the north end of Caledonian Lane (Location 4 on the MELBOURNE - Bourke Street page) and can be reached by crossing over the road at the north exit.

To avoid duplication, the photographs are hosted on the Other locations - Melbourne page.

COLLINGWOOD - Smith Street [deleted scenes]

The following photos are from a location in Smith Street, Collingwood that I most probably would have included on the main page, if I had photographed it early enough to include on the suburb map.

The maps take a fair bit of time to lay out and by the time I had photographed this one, I was running out of time, as I have some other projects I need to work on in the first few months of 2013. If I get some time later in the year, I may include this in the main Collingwood - Smith Street page, as it is an interesting and varied location and worth visiting

This alley is on the left side of Smith street looking north, between Greeves Street and Perry Street, next to what was once an internet cafe.

It has a mixture of wall pieces and paste ups and even what looks to be a little bust of He Man on a ledge. Whether he was placed there out of artistic intention, or someone just didn't know what else to do with him I am uncertain.

NORTHCOTE - High Street [deleted scenes] 1

Here are a series of shots from near and south of High Street in the Westgarth area of Northcote. None of this was included in the main NORTHCOTE - High Street page as there was already an enormous amount of street art and graffiti in the main Northcote area. At some point in the future I may add a second Northcote page, or a Westgarth to include some of these and others in the area.

NORTHCOTE - High Street [deleted scenes] 2

These did not make it to the main suburb page of the site for the simple reason that they were too far away from the tram line (over 200m), and given there are already 110 photographs on the Northcote page, this didn't seem like a case for bending the rules even though there was several works here I enjoyed discovering.

These photographs start with emerging from the first alley at the top of Little Eastment Street into the north end of Helen Street, near Arthurton Road. They finish looking across Arthurton Road itself. Referencing the main location Northcote map, these are right at the top of the left.

Here is a little rough and ready map of them (I will add the locations further along Arthurton Road at a later date).

Helen Street

Looking right, emerging from the alley.

Crossing Helen Street into the lane almost opposite

Backing out of the lane and looking left into Arthurton Road.

 Arthurton Road (opposite Helen Street)

On building near the corner of Arthurton Road and Herbert Street

Railway crossing on Arthurton Road (seen from Scott Street, west side of tracks)

Lane near south east Corner of Arthurton Road and St Georges Road

Thornbury - High Street [deleted scenes]

There were very few locations for the Thornbury page and it was tempting to include everything to make the page more substantial. Some of the following however, I didn't feel entirely justified recommending a site visitor to take the time to find and see, some were damaged and others I was undecided, but probably will include in a future major update of the page if they are still extant at the time.

I will add location information soon, so if they do interest you, you will know where to find them.

This is a fair distance from the road, and though sometimes I do enjoy these simple little pieces, this one just didn't quite grab me enough to include it as a location.

I didn't include the first two paste ups as I felt they are too too damaged to properly appreciate the work. I also suspect the entire building will be renovated fairly soon.

There are some nice little pieces in this doorway and if they are still there when I do a major update of the Thornbury page, I may include them.

I was in two minds whether to include this, but in the end decided to leave it for now.

I may include this in a future major update of the Thornbury page.

    PRESTON - Plenty Road [deleted scenes]

    Update: (5 February 2013) - These buildings are now being demolished.

    The pieces below are in a complex of abandoned buildings on Plenty Road and whoever has created them has probably climbed over some security fences late at night or early in the morning to go about their work. I wouldn't have the courage or the physical agility these days to get over this gate and explore the site, but but I bet, from the hints I could see here, that these buildings are riddled with art.

    They were not added to the Street Art Melbourne 86 Preston page, as they are not accessible to the public and I did not want to be appear to encourage visitors to break the law by trespassing to view them (not to mention risk their lives trying to get over a high security fence).

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