Melbourne's 86 tram route as a giant open air gallery of street art


Melbourne, Australia is internationally known for its street art and its trams. Melbourne Street Art 86 imagines Melbourne's 86 tram route as though it were a giant open air gallery of street art with its own regular tram service. The pages in the dark blue side bar below have photos of street art by the suburbs the tram passes through. Locations are noted by tram stop, street location and also on maps of the area that can be downloaded or printed. Other Melbourne suburbs rich in street art are also featured.

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Melbourne Street Art on the 86 Tram Route: Collingwood

Note: Click on any image to see an enlarged version

Much of the street art in the Collingwood section of the 86 tram route is located in lanes and alleys leading off Smith Street. However there are a couple of pieces on the main street itself and a great number in streets parallel with Smith Street or in alleys off side streets. What follows is by no means all there is to see; I have selected works that appeal to me. Also bear in mind that some works are replaced with others or removed at times so what you see here as of January 2013 may not all be there at a later time.

A pdf version is available here: Melbourne Street Art 86 - Collingwood street art locations map

A 17 page pdf abridged version of this web page, together with the map above, is available here to download or print: Melbourne Street Art 86 - Collingwood mini guide and street art locations map

I will add artists names if they are known as I discover them or if others let me know.

As you progress down the page, the photographs commence at the south end of Smith Street where the 86 tram turns from Gertrude Street (86 tram stop 15) and finishing at the north end just before Alexandra Parade (86 tram stop 21).

1.  In narrow alley off Langridge Street (between Smith Street and Little Oxford Street)
86 Tram Stop 15 (Gertrude St | Smith Street)

The figure on the right has been whitewashed recently (2 March 2013)

Langridge Street is the continuation of Gertrude Street and as you approach the alley from the corner of Smith Street and Gertrude Street, you can see this in the distance.

This lane way is very narrow and as I don't have wings, I had to photograph details at rather awkward angles.

The opposite side of the same building

Artist: Michael Porter

2.  Derby Street (in narrow laneway opposite the end of lane above]
86 Tram Stop 15 (Gertrude St | Smith Street)

The piece below is in an alley directly opposite the Derby Street end of the alley above (and right at the end). It is a little further off the 86 tram route than most examples I have photographed, but if you see the one above, it is close enough...

3.  Little Oxford Street

On the right

Further down on the right

The back side of the red building in the photograph above

180 degrees back again

Further down on the right side of the road

180 degrees looking back at the left side of the road

Around the corner to the right of the above

Around the corner again to the left (back side of the blue gray building above)

4.  Above a shop front on the right hand side of Smith Street (going north) between Peel and Langridge Streets

Artist: Twoone

5.  Webb Street
86 Tram Stop 17 (Charles Street)

Second building on the left in Webb Street

Artist: Biro

Wall on right side of Webb Street

In an alley further up to the right

This is looking back the way we have come so far

The alley finishes in Charles Street, which is the next location.

6.  Charles Street
86 Tram Stop 17 (Charles Street)

South corner

Artist: Nomad

Artist: Nomad

North side of Charles Street

Further along keep to the right. You can see the exit of the alley covered in the previous location over on the other side of the road. 

Artist: (Probably) Simz

7.  Stanley Street
86 Tram Stop 18 (Hodgson Street)

I have kept the following works as one location starting in Stanley Street for clarity

Look backwards diagonally across the street

Artist: Makatron

8.  Otter Street
86 Tram Stop 18 (Hodgson Street)

In an alley on the left

Artist: Heesco

The following can be found by taking a right turn into Bedford Street a little further along Otter Street

This is the right turn into Bedford Street (the Otter Street sign is for traffic crossing from the other side of Bedford Street)

Artist: Civil

On the opposite side of the road

Heading back to the street entrance

Artist: Civil

9.  Perry Street
86 Tram Stop 18 (Hodgson Street) or Stop 19 (Johnston Street)

The art following pretty much uninterrupted from the Friends of the Earth on the corner around through both sides of an alley.

Artist (centre to left): Stabs

Artist: Makatron

This has been replaced recently (as below)


Artist: Deb

10.  Easey Street (in a lane way on the right looking east)
86 Tram Stop 19 (Johnston Street) or Stop 20 (Keele Street)

Artist: Shida

I cannot recall where the piece below is (usually I photograph the street sign nearby, but forgot to this time), but it is not far from those above.

11.  In a private alley two shops further north along Smith Street from Easey Street

12.  Keele Street (in private parking area under cover on right hand side looking east)
Tram Stop 20 (Keele Street)

Artists: Sheryo, Yok

Leicester Street
Tram Stop 20 (Keele Street) or Stop 21 (Alexandra Parade)

13.  Westgrath Street (on garage door on the right looking west
Tram Stop 20 (Keele Street) or Stop 21 (Alexandra Parade)

14.  At the top of Smith Street, just before Queens Parade
86 Tram Stop 21 (Alexandra Parade) or Stop 22 (Smith Street)

This massive mural has been on this wall for a number of years. The tagging on the bottom is very recent.

Just after this final image the Tram turns right into Queens Parade and passes through Clifton Hill. Further examples of street art on the 86 tram route can be found on the Melbourne Street Art 86: Clifton Hill.

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