Melbourne's 86 tram route as a giant open air gallery of street art


Melbourne, Australia is internationally known for its street art and its trams. Melbourne Street Art 86 imagines Melbourne's 86 tram route as though it were a giant open air gallery of street art with its own regular tram service. The pages in the dark blue side bar below have photos of street art by the suburbs the tram passes through. Locations are noted by tram stop, street location and also on maps of the area that can be downloaded or printed. Other Melbourne suburbs rich in street art are also featured.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Lonsdale Street

Quite a few artist names added to various pages, but mainly the FITZROY - Gertrude Street page, most have links to the website of the artist. I have also begun adding a few links to articles about the creation of some works.

I have also added about 50 photographs from locations on the entire length of Little Lonsdale Street to the Other locations - City of Melbourne page. There is a great variety of works along here, though they are spaced out quite widely along the route. Quite a few of them will get replaced once I can take better shots and probably a better camera in some cases.

Here is a small selection from among them.

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