Melbourne's 86 tram route as a giant open air gallery of street art


Melbourne, Australia is internationally known for its street art and its trams. Melbourne Street Art 86 imagines Melbourne's 86 tram route as though it were a giant open air gallery of street art with its own regular tram service. The pages in the dark blue side bar below have photos of street art by the suburbs the tram passes through. Locations are noted by tram stop, street location and also on maps of the area that can be downloaded or printed. Other Melbourne suburbs rich in street art are also featured.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clifton Hill - Updates 14 January 2013

The majority of the Clifton Hill - Queens Pde page has been added now. Some of the photographs are quite dark, as I have only been able to get to the location in the evening when the light is not ideal for works orientated in certain directions or in alleyways. When I get an opportunity I will return at a better time of the day; if I manage to capture better shots I will replace those currently on the page. Note on the Clifton Hill page that there are quite a few works in an area next to Merri Creek that you would never know were there from the road along the 86 tram tracks.

I spent some time beginning to photograph street art along Bourke Street in the City of Melbourne today, so I may get to add the first stretch, from Spring Street to Mc Killop Street this evening or tommorrow.

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