Melbourne's 86 tram route as a giant open air gallery of street art


Melbourne, Australia is internationally known for its street art and its trams. Melbourne Street Art 86 imagines Melbourne's 86 tram route as though it were a giant open air gallery of street art with its own regular tram service. The pages in the dark blue side bar below have photos of street art by the suburbs the tram passes through. Locations are noted by tram stop, street location and also on maps of the area that can be downloaded or printed. Other Melbourne suburbs rich in street art are also featured.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Light at the end of the tunnel

Melbourne Street Art 86 is almost complete in its initial form. All that remains is to add the street art location maps for Clifton Hill, Northcote and Thornbury, with the Clifton Hill most probably being added this evening.

During the weekend I spent some time out along the 86 route taking photographs in sunny conditions to replace some of the darker or overshadowed examples originally posted. Revisiting the Fitzroy, Clifton Hill and Northcote pages you will find a number of locations have clearer and more dynamic photos in place. I have also added two locations and a number of new examples to Fitzroy and about twenty new street art works to Collingwood that I had to rephotograph as they were unsuitable for my quality standards for the site.

The Travelling on the 86 trams page also have a number of new photographs, and there is a new site guide page, showing how to make best use of the site as a resource for locating street art.

As an ongoing project I will be replacing more photographs as and when I am able to. It can be a tricky business as walls on buildings and along alleys are orientated in various directions, and getting to them at just the right time of the day when the sun illuminates the art, or there are not too many cars in the way, takes a bit of planning and sometimes happenstance.

As to the future of the site, I have a lot of photographs left over that I either didn't include because there were already too many on a particular page, or the street art I found was too far away from the 86 tram lines to fall within the criteria for inclusion. I will be periodically posting some of these in this space, with the first being a post about mobile street art - vans and trucks I photographed during my explorations that had been turned into street art with an indeterminate location.

I will also be updating the downloable and printable Melbourne Street Art 86 Things to Do and See on the 86 tram route flyer with recommendations of new sights and some shops.

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